Priority management for managers

Being a manager in a resource strapped extremely busy organisation, has its unique challenges that not every manager faces.  There are however always ways you can improve your working day to move more quickly towards achieving your goals.

Procrastination is the biggest eater of our time in the workplace.  Procrastination is our remarkable ability to put off what needs to be done now.  Sometimes habits help us continue the procrastination; we have to develop new habits to overcome procrastination.

The quickest way to get through things is by doing things not only in priority but also judge by their difficulty. By completing your hardest task first thing in the morning, it will be easier than leaving it till last. Not only will you not have that awful feeling that it’s still ahead of you all day but your brain is proven to be the most alert first thing in the morning than in the afternoon.

By creating a Priority Task List (as shown below) it can be easy to categorise things in the order the need to be done.

A- Green Light

(Main Priority)

Things in this list need to be done quickly. Often consisting of difficult but very important tasks .Therefore very easy to postpone.. But don’t!)

B – Orange Light

(This lists tasks that need to be done but not with the same urgency as list A)

C – Red Light

(This list has items that are not of huge importance but should be completed when both A & B are empty. )

A Zest for Living“If you want to enjoy one of the greatest luxuries in life, the luxury of having enough time, time to rest, time to think things through, time to get things done and know you have done them to the best of your ability, remember there is only one way.  Take enough time to think and plan things in the order of their importance.  Your life will take a new zest and you will add years to your life, and more life to your years.  Let all your things have their places.  Let each part of your business have its time.”

Benjamin Franklin