Mine Closure Support

Partnership with Rio Tinto

Life After Argyle (LAA) and My Future Plan (MFP) programs


The Pivot Institute has partnership with Rio Tinto to support the closure of both Argyle (home of the famous pink diamonds) as well as Ranger Uranium sites that ceased operations at the end of 2020.  The Pivot Institute has been engaged by Rio Tinto to provide consultancy services and act as a Master Vendor for the implementation of the professional development activities for Life After Argyle (LAA) and My Future Plan (MFP) programs. Both programs impacted approximately 400 employees at each site.

Objective of LAA and MFP programs


The objective of LAA and MFP programs was to develop an employee support program that enable and facilitate effective transition of employees impacted by the closure into future employment, or if preferred alternative enterprise or retirement, at the time of mine closure. The objective of the mine close projects that Pivot has been involved in, such as My Future Plan and Life After Argyle with Rio Tinto, is to develop an employee support program. This support program provides participants with the opportunity to effectively transition to future employment, enterprise or retirement when the mine closes.  The Pivot Institute has been engaged to provide expertise in training, working in conjunction with Lee Hect Harrison (LHH), to ensure the success of this support program.

Pivots’ role in the project has been broken down into two phases. Phase 1 involves training options being explored by both Pivot and the participants. In this phase training options availability, cost, accessibility, and suitability are determined. Once a training option has been selected and approved participants are moved into phase 2. Phase 2 of the program sees participants being paid for, enrolled and commencing their programs. Pivot handles the payment and enrolment process for the participants and creates a detailed document to assist them in their studies. Participants are then monitored monthly to ensure that they are coping and making progress with their training. Should any issues arise Pivot then becomes involved with the participants and the training provider to resolve them.

Expertise of The Pivot Institute L&D Consultants


The Pivot Institute’s role was to work closely with individuals, participating in the programs, and offer educational support and advice to identify suitable training solutions; addressing individual employee’s capabilities (including language literacy and numeracy skills), training needs and plans, assessing the feasibility of Career Plans and developing a training pathway (including sourcing and engaging training specialists) to facilitate the achievement of Career Plan objectives. As a Master Vendor, The Pivot Institute was responsible for the procurement, engagement, management and quality control of training providers engaged in the delivery of training and professional development activities to program participants. The Pivot Institute’s L&D Consultants involved with the mine closures have extensive experience working on a wide variety of projects; their multi-disciplinary backgrounds and L&D expertise make them well equipped to play an integral role in the effective implementation of projects of big scale and high importance.


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