Every year, many students enrol with The Pivot Institute for its reputation of providing high quality training, industry leading facilitators and excellence of tailored courses. We provide customised assessments and quality learning materials to students, prepared inhouse by our experienced staff. We are leaders in the field with our own Pivot Online Learning System (POLS) which includes resources and assessments that students can access 24/7.

Read below some of the reviews by our students and clients.

May I say what an inspiration you are Elisa and what a wonderful process you have for assisting people to continue to develop themselves. You rock!

Clinical Nurse Director
Private Western Australian Health Service

I haven’t been involved in any classroom training for 14+ years. The trainer style, knowledge and educational approach really helped. I enjoyed the mix of both practical and theory.

James Anthony Mcpolin

Course: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

The trainer has a great background and experience in training and a wealth of life experience that allows her to be able to shift from big picture to detail in a very well balanced way that delivers an excellent experience.

Paul Francis Cleary

Course: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Trainer is very helpful especially for candidates who are new to the study, very supportive and has a lot of patience. Trainer is very knowledgeable on the 2 clusters that I have attended with her.

Cristina Buan

Course:  Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Trainer was excellent! Trainer adapted her training style to suit the group. Very engaging and kept us on our toes. Well done!

Andrew James Baker

Course: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Thank you very much to both trainers for the taking the extra time & effort to coach me on the third day of the course. Much appreciated.

Matt Robin Hall

Course: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The trainer was delightful. She kept the pace and temperament of the group in a great space for learning. She is very approachable and shared a wealth of experience with the group which made the training quite interesting! Excellent Trainer! Would definitely recommend.

Emily Louise Gunkelman

Unit: Design and develop assessment tools

Really loved the training on my first day! Trainer stayed back and took time to make me feel a lot more confident about attending this course.

Rachel Marie Mulder

Course: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The Scope of Works for the Pivot Team was to design, develop and execute training for Team Leaders at Karratha Gas Plant. The Pivot team was extremely professional and had a desire to develop a meaningful training program which would deliver measurable results for the business. I was particularly impressed with the approach taken by Elisa Uyen which was to map Cert IV units using existing Woodside’s processes to support the training. This was done for such things as Performance Management, HSE Leadership for Supervisors and Leadership for High Performers, with training commencing at Karratha.

I was extremely satisfied with the work delivered and would not hesitate in using Pivot Institute again in the future.

Senior Operations Advisor
Oil and Gas Karratha

Pivot has always delivered professional training services to our organisation. They provide thorough consultation to ensure they are meeting the direct needs of participants, workplace requirements and setting appropriate learning objectives. Programs have always been well researched and designed to be interactive and stimulating for participants. Consequently, The Pivot Institute has become one of our preferred service providers.

Coordinator, Learning and Development
WA Country Health Services

Pivot Solutions approaches training and delivery in a very professional manner, ensuring thorough research and preparation and customisation to client requirements. Participant evaluations from training sessions report a high level of satisfaction in all areas with particular comments on expert working knowledge and relaxed and interesting manner of presenting.

Regional Training RTO

Pivot Institute has delivered a number of training programs for WACHS Kimberley over the last six years including Customer Service, Team Building, Leadership and Management training and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Pivot has always delivered professional training services to our organisation. Thorough consultation is undertaken to ensure that the direct needs of participants, workplace requirements and setting appropriate learning objectives. Programs have been well researched and designed to be interactive and stimulating for participants. Consequently Pivot has become one of our preferred service providers.

I highly recommend Pivot as a quality provider of training services.

Coordinator Learning and Development
Regional Health Department

Our professional relationship has been in place since 2000, during which time I have learned that you can fully be relied upon to always provide the upmost in quality and professionalism for our clients.

All courses facilitated have been well received with many appreciative comments from participants. The Education, Training and Development (ETD) team always knows that there will be ‘no worries’ when a course is being delivered by you.

In addition you have provided service above and beyond that expected in so far as you have taken time to research Defence environment, including related information on the intranet so that your knowledge and understanding of course content is customised for the Defence audience. You are a polished and professional facilitator, whose diligence is as much appreciated by the Education, Training and Development Team, and the participants who have never suggested that you are unfamiliar with the Defences policies or practices (unlike comments regarding some lesser quality trainers). You ensure that you are always provide a quality experience for the students even if it means spending extra time on preparation.

The participant feedback forms for your courses always indicate extremely high levels of satisfaction, with many providing personal messages of appreciation for the experiences provided. The ETD is very impressed with your ‘can do’ attitude and wonderful results.

Learning and Development Advisor
Department of 

The Pivot Institute has been involved in a range of services to our Resort over the last 12 months. We contracted Pivot to develop a ‘Service Excellence’ training package for delivery to all staff within the Resort. This involved an examination of requirements to fit into the overall vision for the future and the translation of this into specific components to be incorporated into the training.

The Pivot Institute has also facilitated a range of nationally accredited training in the areas of Frontline Management as well as Communication and Conflict Resolution to supervisors and managers within the Resort.

We value Pivot spending time getting to know our people and our business. This is reflected in the quality outcomes of the training provided which is well presented, informative and interesting. At the end of the day the goods are produced in a way that is useable and user friendly and can be adapted to the changing needs of the business environment. The Pivot Institute saves our department a large amount of time with the professional services provided. The services are cost effective and value for money.

With Pivot, we are confident of professional and effective service provision that effectively meets our requirements within the Resort. We look forward to a continuing relationship with The Pivot Institute.

Human Resources Director
Hotel and Resort, Western Australia

During my time at the Small Business Centre, we’ve engaged Pivot Institute on two occasions to present a total of 5 Training Seminars. The courses have never been difficult to market, as Pivot Solutions has a strong reputation in the region and are quickly recognised.

Elisa Uyen has been a breeze to work with, there is nothing that is ever unclear, she is always well-prepared- and ready to exceed your expectations! She personalises her courses to the participants in the room, answers questions with direct responses – and that is received particularly well.

Seminar participants have rated her very highly with their feedback, with 100% feedback giving her 5/5 for the quality of her presentations, with some even giving her a very deliberate 10 out of 5!

For me, the best written compliments given by participants have been the numerous, “She keeps it real, the content was relevant” comments.

For weeks following Pivot Seminars, I’m still getting pulled up anywhere and everywhere with operators telling me how much they, or their friends, have gotten out of her training, followed by the inevitable question ‘when is she coming back again?’.

“Before too long I’m sure” – that’s always my response.

Small Business Center East Kimberley

I do want to wish you all the success and also acknowledge the wonderful pleasure I had meeting Elisa Uyen. Without Elisa and her team effort I don’t think it would have been possible to achieve my goals in my personal career. Very grateful always.

Dennis (Certificate IV in Training & Assessment)

Pivot are a fantastic RTO, we have engaged them for training for a lot of our specialised softskills courses.


Thanks so much for this week! I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the work you do and how understandable you made the cluster!
Have a lovely weekend, Melissa!

Chris Cuttone

Melissa has been a superstar on this course handling the volume of students she has. She has turned herself inside out to accommodate every persons queries and learning levels. Never has she been dismissive or disengaged, rather she has forgone her own personal time to assist struggling students. Her teaching has been informative and concise and has been relatable to all levels, her willingness to put in extra hours to encourage struggling students has been so impressive and a huge factor in keeping, at least one student I know, coming back each day.

I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for engaging and encouraging me and allowing me the latitude to assist my co-worker when she was struggling. Thank you

TAE Student