2021 New Start, New You!

As we bid farewell to 2020 and say hello to 2021, now is a great time to make changes. Whether it is a change to benefit your lifestyle, appearance or kicking your nasty habits the start of a new year is the best time to do it. New Year’s Resolutions have been around for centuries; dating back to as early as 153BC it was started by the Romans. In these times the Romans would seek forgiveness from their neighbours and exchange gifts to their loved ones. Although New Year’s Resolutions are a great idea, often people make far-fetched resolutions that are in no means doable. These types of resolutions are long forgotten about by February. This year why not make a resolution that is achievable. Set yourself a goal, a date to achieve it by and be realistic.
This year it is time to forget about fad diets and extreme exercise regimes. Instead consider your education. Education is of major importance in today’s society. By improving your skills and knowledge you can find yourself in a new world of opportunities. Whether you chose to study for a Diploma, Certificate or even a skill set The Pivot Institute can help. With a new qualification on your resume in 2021 you could find yourself in your dream job or being offered a job promotion.
The Pivot Institute offer a range of courses which will not only improve your skills, employability, knowledge and confidence but are also very enjoyable too! Courses range from accredited courses in business and management to skill set programs in specific areas. The Pivot Institute’s 2021 calendar has been finalised so why not have a look and call for a no obligation consultation with one our highly experienced facilitators.
Now is the time, forget about tomorrow. Why not enrol in one of The Pivot Institutes highly regarded courses today. Wishing you all a fantastic new year, from The Pivot Institute team!
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