Working Safely at Heights

Working at Heights is a high risk job. If you are required to work at heights as part of your job role, it is crucial that you have undergone the appropriate training and are deemed competent before attempting to work at heights.

In one year, 2010-2011 there were 7,730 serious injuries reported resulting from a fall from heights in Australia. In Australia between the dates 1st of July 2003 to the 30th June 2011, there were 232 fatalities from falls from heights1. Although some accidents are inevitable, a lot of these could have been avoided with the appropriate training, procedures and competency on site.

The Pivot Institute are delighted to offer Work Safely at Heights to our clients. Our carefully tailored program will equip you or your employees to work safe at heights. This course will be offered in-house, where our clients will complete their first practical assessment.

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1Statistics are based on Safe Work Australia’s report- ‘Work Related Injuries and Fatalities involving a fall from Heights, Australia’ published in October 2013.