The Five Keys to Peak Performance

Ensuring that you competently perform your job is part of every job description. How can you ensure that your employee’s perform as expected or even go above and beyond in your role and exceed your expectations? There are five steps to ensuring you give you give your employees all the tools they need. Although the steps seem simple and maybe even common sense, they require work, dedication and in some cases continuous improvement to succeed.

The 5 keys that unlock performance:

 1.Knowing what to do

Team members need to know clearly and specifically what is expected of them.  This is called role clarity, in that it gives team members clear roles, responsibilities and goals they can strive towards.

 2.Wanting to do it

This involves:

°         Good job design

°         Correct job placement and motivation

°         Rewarding efforts through feedback, developing talents and treating team members with respect

 3.Knowing how to do it

°         Providing training and experience

°         Explaining job purpose and task importance

°         Create a learning environment

 4.Having the chance to do it

°         Correct tools and equipment

°         Adequate work systems and procedures

°         Time

°         Information

°         Team support

5.Are led to do it effectively…

When Team Leader has:

°        Self-respect

°        High Standards

°        Ambitious Goals

°        Focus, and

°        Interpersonal Skills

By ensuring that your workforce are competent, content and motivated at work, will lead to business success. Do you implement these five keys unknowingly or are there areas which need to be improved on?