Performance Management

Performance Management involves the translation of organisational strategies and targets into practical and realistic performance goals for every role and person.  It takes place between a team leader and team member and is guided by the organisation’s Performance Management process.

The following steps provide a guide that team leaders may use to assist a team member to improve their performance:

Step 1

The team leader initiates a performance management review meeting focusing on the previously documented performance objectives and indicators.

Step 2

During this meeting, explain to the team member where performance improvements need to be made.  Determine what is causing the performance problems, clarify objectives and expectations and identify gaps in knowledge or capabilities.

Step 3

Clarify the performance improvement plan objectives and measurement indicators within a designated time period.  The performance targets should be specific and achievable within the allocated period of time.

Step 4

Providing support will assist the team member to meet the expectations and objectives set in their performance improvement plan.  This may include, but is not limited to, training, counselling, close supervision and/or coaching.

Step 5

Conduct a performance review within the agreed time period to assess performance improvement.  The time period should be determined by the complexity of the improvement needed and the capabilities of the team member.

Step 6

If the team member is experiencing difficulty in meeting expectations, the team leader should speak with them immediately and determine what additional assistance is required to meet the expectations in the agreed time.

Step 7

If performance improvement has not been achieved then steps 2 to 6 may be repeated.  At the review the team leader should inform the team member that if their performance does not improve disciplinary action may commence at the next review.  Continue to monitor the team member’s performance throughout the set period.

Step 8

Assess performance improvement during a third performance review.  If performance is not at a satisfactory level then the disciplinary process may be invoked.  Contact your HR Advisor to discuss the next steps.

It is vital for team members to perform their job to the best of their ability. Potential Outcomes of Performance Improvement may include:

°         Individual’s performance improves to a satisfactory level.

°         Individual’s performance improves but still requires monitoring.

°         Individual’s performance does not improve resulting in a written warning through to potential dismissal.

Manage your team’s performance today and see your company’s workload/outputs/capability grow.