New-Age Managers in Western Australia

Present Day Managers


In recent times organisations have restructured and downsized, the traditional pyramid of organisations has become flatter.  The ranks of the middle managers have been reduced and many of the du­ties formerly carried out by the middle managers now fall to frontline managers.


In turn, the work team now does many of the frontline manager’s former duties.  Decision-making and other responsibilities have been pushed further down the line as employees at all levels take a more active role in achieving results.



1970The manager1995The organiser2010The leader/coach
  •  Male
  • Supervises from a   position of authority
  • Operates in a   hierarchical organisation structure
  • Values control,   organisation, motivation by authority, technical expertise
  • Low-pressure work   environment
  • Experienced in field
  • Trade qualification
  • Little formal management   training
  • Male, possibly female
  • Management expects   supervision, group wants leadership
  • Middle management vastly   reduced
  • Values control,   organisation, teamwork
  • Stressful environment   due to organisational restructuring
  • Experienced in field
  • Trade qualification
  • 50% have formal   management training but little organisational support for further learning
  • Male or female
  • Leader and coach
  • Operates in a flatter   organisational structure
  • Team leader reports   direct to senior management
  • Values performance   management, facilitative, participative leadership, empowerment
  • Environment emphasises   best practice, benchmarking, quality, customer service
  • Most have Tafe-level   qualification or degree
  • All have formal training   for position and organisational support for further training and learning



Managers’ responsibilities are likely to continue to change in response to changes in the external environment. This includes changes to legislation and regulations; government policy; community expectations; downsizing and restructuring; budget allocation; patterns of employment; social trends; turnover and availability of suitable applicants for roles; and changing demographics of our workforce.  New mindsets offer an opportunity for any employee to respond positively to change.


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