Managers and Leaders

In the corporate world both management and leadership are vital to a business’s success, but is there much of a difference between the two? Undoubtedly the two are strongly linked as many people in positions of power demonstrate both managerial and leadership characteristics.

The major difference between a manager and a leader is the way in which they motivate those who work for; or follow them. People in positions of managerial power generally use this assigned power in order to control and organise those who work beneath them. Individuals who possess leadership characteristics however, are able to motivate followers through mutual respect and knowledge of business processes.

Both management and leadership processes are very similar and it can be difficult to differentiate between the two; however they do involve a different outlook, skills and behaviours. Leaders are wonderful communicators and portray a clear vision of what can be achieved for a business and develop strategies for these goals to be reached. Those with leadership characteristics have a sense of a mission, can easily influence people, and are strongly decisive. They also use creative problem solving methods to better promote a positive working environment. People are motivated to work hard for those which they view as leaders through respect for the individual’s knowledge, communication skills and overall charisma.

Managers are more structural thinkers generally focusing on insuring that the businesses available resources are consumed in the most profitable manner. The ways in which they do his however may involve leadership qualities, in which case both managerial skills and leadership qualities are called upon.

It is of the upmost importance that individuals in positions of power by which people look to them for guidance employ both management and leadership principles. Managerial operations need to be run at optimal capacity on order to maximise a businesses’ productivity and profit margins and minimise costs of operation. Leadership characteristics must also be demonstrated by managers in order to ensure that all staff are motivated and dedicated to the company and its future success.