Make 2015 your best year!

It’s that time of year again, we all do it, how many New Year’s resolutions have you thought of so far?

It’s often the same for many people: take up a hobby, become healthier, lose weight, get a better job or promotion…. You may manage a few of these but the truth is that change is hard, routine is safe and easy but the easy route won’t take you very far.

This is where The Pivot Institute comes in, we have numerous Nationally Recognised Qualifications and workshops that will give you a big push in the right direction to changing your career, progressing in your current role or even starting your own business.

Do things differently this year, make your resolution before New Year hits, book yourself in and make that commitment. You never know it may start the ball rolling and you could be seeing all of your resolutions come into play.

Call us today to enrol or for further information on how we can help you!

Diploma of Management
Certificate IV in Frontline Management