Learning for the Modern Adult in Australia and Beyond

Learning for the Modern Adult

In modern Australia today many of us are left with limited free time to undertake another qualification. We find that although a lot of our potential clients want to do a qualification, it is just not feasible in their busy, busy lives.

Introducing the Pivot Institutes’ Online Learning System. Pivot Online Learning System is a Moodle (Open Source Course Management System (CMS)) based online learning site. This opens our students to a world of online learning which they can access at any time and any place.

Since the development of POLS, completing a course with Pivot has never been so easy! The options are available for our students to choose a learning path that suits them. Our students can select from options including blended delivery (facilitated virtual workshops & online learning) or completing the entire course online. Our current market has expanded considerably to reach clients who before would not have been able to complete our courses. We have seen an increase in our students in WA from more remote regional areas availing our online learning option.

We generate engaging, interactive content with online assessment storage and submission, customised programs and electronic training resources for our clients. Every Pivot student has access to POLS, to support their learning journey. This enables our students to work at a pace that suits them and to be exposed to a wide range of extra resources.

POLS is laid out to be completely user friendly. The process starts with the student being emailed their login details with easy steps on how to access and navigate the system. Once the student accesses the site they can access all of the course material available to them. Each course on POLS is conveniently broken down through a step by step process. This ensures the user feels competent in what they are doing, avoiding any confusion. Quizzes are incorporated so that the user can monitor their own progress. Assessments can be completed and submitted online through POLS, this allows users to save drafts before submitting their final product for correction. Telephone and email support are available if clients encounter any difficulties or have any queries.

We recognise that no two individuals are the same and that different students may benefit from various methods of learning. Therefore our students not only have personally tailored learning plans but also the option to attend one on one classes, attend group workshops or complete their course entirely online.

We invite you to contact one the Pivot’s highly regarded trainers today to discuss the learning plan to suit your lifestyle. Call us on 1300 354 309 or email enquiries@pivot.edu.au.