Exercise your Way to the Top!

Many of us dread the sound of the alarm clock going off at 7am, with the only quick movement before 9am is pushing the snooze button for 10 more minutes. But with many employers opting to follow the Japanese, our lazy mornings may be a thing of the past.

Health and wellbeing has been highlighted a lot in the past decade. So much so, that fitness campaigns, exercise programs, work sport clubs, reduced employee gym membership are starting to become common incentives in many companies. Not surprising, as numerous studies have all proven the benefits with the employees who are exercising have seen a drop in employee absenteeism, less sickness, increased productivity, more concentration and alertness, increased energy levels and a better attitude from employees.

Aside from the obvious there are so many more benefits from exercising early. The gym is often quieter in the early hours. That means no problems getting a parking space, no waiting for the equipment you wish to use and no distractions while you’re working out. Also, working full time often feels as if you have absolutely no time for yourself.

Once you complete your days work, arrive home and make the children dinner- it’s time for bed! So why not add a relaxation hour to your evening to enjoy in front of the television watching your favourite tv show, by exercising in the morning rather than taking away your precious evening hours.

There are so many physical and mental benefits of regular exercise. So why not improve your performance, appearance and health by setting your alarm clock as little as half an hour earlier. Morning jog tomorrow anyone?