The Burden of Health & Safety?

When we think of safety at work often we may think of it as a burden, extending the time it takes to a task to do it safely, signs & notices that nobody reads… But with the shocking number of work place fatalities, work related disease and work related illnesses, it is an area which needs to be taken seriously urgently.  ‘Safe Work Australia’ estimates that there has already been 72 fatalities caused in work this year alone in Australia.  A shocking total of 192 occupational fatalities were estimated in 2012. By using simple methods of risk assessments, hazard identification, incorporating safety controls or enforcing that employees wear personal protective equipment during different tasks etc. may have prevented/or reduced the effects of these accidents.

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Finding the Balance between Work Life and Personal Life

Even the most organised and methodical of people find it difficult to balance their professional and personal lives in harmony. It is becoming more and more difficult to separate the two due to increasing hours, increasing commitments and increasing everyday pressures; which are leaving so many people today immobilized by stress with no tools as to manage their time. Here are some well trialed tips to help you deal with balancing all the time consuming elements of your daily life including the ones you enjoy and those you cannot stand.

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Resolution of workplace conflict

It would be desirable for all staff to show up to work with a professional, understanding and non- discriminative attitude but unfortunately this is not always the case.  Workplace conflict causes a great deal of stress to many people every day and can often result in lawsuits and changing of workplace; but it does not need to get to this level is dealt with appropriately and knowledgably. There is the office gossip, the passive aggressive, the arrogant know-it-all, the shy and timid and the highly opinionated.  It is important to correctly identify and know how to deal with the many types of people you will encounter in the workplace, but equally importantly to understand your own personality and potential weaknesses.

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Social Media and Your Business

Social media is undoubtedly the way of the future, and can be an extremely useful tool in advertising for many businesses. Many business people are scratching their heads wondering how to incorporate this relatively new phenomenon into their marketing strategies.  There are a few pitfalls that many professionals encounter that can negatively affect the profitability of their business due to the huge audience of social media. Some of the most common and avoidable errors include: overcomplicating social media, advertising without incorporation, venturing without thought, and missing customer signals. A few more that commonly occur include; the assumption that social media is expensive, delving into the social media world without the appropriate technology knowledge and finally forgetting to include visuals.

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Be your own Cheerleader

It can be hard to stay motivated when you have been working the same role for a long period of time, feel dissatisfied with your job history or lack the motivation to strive for higher success.  Stop doubting yourself! Set yourself some goals, and strive to make them a reality. Many have long procrastinated the idea of changing to a more intimidating, alien career path, or striving for that promotion that you know you deserve but stop making excuses now. Continue reading “Be your own Cheerleader”