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Diploma of Training Design & Development & Diploma of Vocational Education & Training

Course Snapshot

Course Content: To gain both Diplomas, candidates must successfully complete 10 units.

Core Units:

  • TAEASS501A  – Provide advanced assessment practice*
  • TAEASS502B  – Design and develop assessment tools
  • TAEDEL502A – Provide advanced facilitation practice*
  • TAEDES501A  – Design and develop learning strategies
  • TAEDES502A  – Design and develop learning resources
  • TAEDES505A – Evaluate a training program
  • TAETAS501B  – Undertake organisational training needs analysis
  • TAELLN401A  – Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • TAEPDD501A  – Maintain and enhance professional practice
  • TAESUS501A  – Analyse and apply sustainability skills to learning programs
  • TAESUS502A  – Identify and apply current sustainability education principles & practice to learning programs

*These units form a practicum which includes at least 100 hours of group facilitation and the assessment of at least 20 individual candidates against a total of at least 50 units of competency from training packages or accredited courses.



These qualifications replicate the roles of training developers and instructional designers with experience in training and assessment services. Both the Diploma of Training Design and Development and the Diploma of VET aim to enhance the skills and knowledge that will help graduates fulfil their tasks effectively as training developers and instructional designers. These qualifications also aim to analyse design solutions and training needs, while evaluating the effectiveness of training programs for workplace standards.

Graduates of these qualifications will serve as a guide and provide expert advice to assessors and trainers, incorporating innovative practices into training programs and products.

Following Completion

You may consider higher qualifications in the VET sector or other advanced qualifications upon completion of the course.

Qualification Certification

After completing the course successfully, you will receive the nationally recognised TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development, as well as the certification for TAE50111 Diploma of Vocational Education.

Who Should Apply for this Qualification?

This qualification is recommended for participants conducting training within their organisation. Individuals who design products and training solutions for their organisations are also encouraged to apply. We also recommend this qualification to those who act as front leaders for other trainers and assessors, while providing learning and assessment strategies for their organisations.

Delivery Methods

Facilitated Workshops

Experienced industry professionals apply all the principles of adult learning to conduct innovative training solutions. Through workshops, students can gain the motivation to develop new tools and apply the appropriate techniques in their workplace. Workshops may be subject to limited participants/enrolment.

Online AND/OR Distance Delivery

Not everyone may be able to attend facilitated workshops, which is why all programs under this qualification are available for distance/online delivery.

We use our own Pivot Online Learning System (POLS) to deliver all content and resources to students. This will ensure they will receive everything needed and have all classroom opportunities for the completion of the Certificate.

Virtual Classroom Delivery

We conduct regular sessions for the core learning content in our online classroom.

Learning Resources

We provide all learning resources for the Certificate. These include:

  • Updated learning resources that will cover all units of competency
  • Complete access to POLS (Pivot Online Learning System) for full course materials
  • Fully-accomplished individual learning plans
  • Ongoing facilitator support throughout the course
  • Virtual classroom delivery sessions in the absence of facilitated workshops

Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL is an assessment that helps applicants recognise their knowledge and skills, regardless of how they were attained. The process may include formal and informal learning, work experience and qualifications, and general life experience. If you’ve been granted an RPL, you don’t need to participate in additional training and assessment for existing skills and knowledge. Pivot has streamlined and designed a comprehensive yet user-friendly RPL process. We will be more than glad to discuss your RPL options before enrolling in our course.

Assessment Methods

Our assessment aims to add value to the individual and their respective organisations. The assessment may focus on the units of competency; we will also tailor the process to your needs and your organisation’s goals. We will make sure the assessment suits your workplace processes and daily activities to provide meaningful and valuable results for your team.

Entry Requirements

Participants must have the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or equivalent experience to qualify for the course. They must also have experience in competency-based training and assessment. Strong literacy and numeracy skills are required. Participants must also have access to a computer with a reliable and stable Internet connection for online/virtual classroom delivery. Workplace projects conducted in a training and assessment environment will be the basis for the assessment tasks.

How Long will it take?

The following is a guide outlining the approximate time it will take to complete this Qualification depending on the time commitment you are able to manage. This does not take into account RPL.:

For further information, please contact:

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