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The Pivot Institute is an award winning training provider offering a range of professional development opportunities in both nationally recognised and customised courses. We also offer short courses in critical core skills for business and management. Our programs are specifically designed to enhance the business performance of your team and are refined for each organisation and individual to ensure that training needs are met.

The Pivot Institute is experienced at developing customised programs for organisations and tailoring training to our customer’s workplace. We work both nationally and internationally in the provision of quality training and consultation services for our clients.

To ensure we provide the best possible training for our clients, The Pivot Institute is regularly reviewing and updating training to make sure the latest techniques and business research results are presented to our students in a clear and easy to understand approach. This updating even includes incorporating information we have learnt from our students because Pivot Institute staff believe that you never stop learning. Our resources are regularly updated and you can access all the latest versions through our website. We provide a large range of resources to cater to all types of learners and our resource costs are included in all standard course prices.



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“With Pivot, we are confident of professional and effective service provision that effectively meets our requirements.”